Ven is one of the three protagonists of Ruin.


Ven has jet black messy hair, with long sideburns. His hair usually covers the better part of his face, revealing his passionate eyes only when he is angry or emotional. Ven usually wears a red tunic with the logo of the Dynameis on his back and an associated hood.


Ven comes across as an extremely antisocial person. He doesn't talk to anyone unless it is totally necessary, and is quiet.

He is also insecure and lacks in confidence, as evident when he tells Conca miserably that he would not join the Dynameis because he was "not good enough and will only be a burden to others".

Ven is extremely observant and sharp. He later joins the Dynameis as part of the Intelligence Corps and even goes on to become the Deputy Commander of the same.

Even if it seems to be the opposite, Ven deeply cares for his friends and family.