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Berwine is a teacher and trainer of the Dynameis. He is in charge of the new recruits group. He is one of the senior members of the Gi Corps.


Berwine has white bleached hair and eyebrows. His eyes are emerald green in color. He is well-built, and his face and neck are a bit longish. His jaws are covered by a slight stubble.

Berwine usually wears a light blue vest along with brown pants. For official purposes, he resorts to the Dynameis uniform. 


Berwine is laid-back, candid and cheerful, which makes him a great teacher, as his students find it easy to get along with him. 

He is extremely talented in the art of land warfare, excelling at sword-fighting. His teaching skills are also very good, as he can explain a topic in a matter to few minutes to a complete novice. 

However, along with being so easy-going, Berwine also has a deep sense of responsibility and takes it upon himself to do his job.